You can find the full list of my publications on and . The following are selected publications:

Open-World Instance Segmentation: Exploiting Pseudo Ground Truth Learned from Pairwise Affinity.
Weiyao Wang, Matt Feiszli, Heng Wang, Jitendra Malik, Du Tran. CVPR, 2022.
Paper, Project page, Code
PyTorchVideo: A Deep Learning Library for Video Understanding.
Haoqi Fan, Tullie Murrell, Heng Wang, Kalyan Vasudev Alwala, Yanghao Li, Yilei Li, Bo Xiong, Nikhila Ravi, Meng Li, Haichuan Yang, Jitendra Malik, Ross Girshick, Matt Feiszli, Aaron Adcock, Wan-Yen Lo, Christoph Feichtenhofer. ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2021.
Paper, Project page, Code, Facebook AI Blog
Unidentified Video Objects: A Benchmark for Dense, Open-World Segmentation.
Weiyao Wang, Matt Feiszli, Heng Wang, Du Tran. ICCV, 2021.
Paper, Dataset, Workshop, Challenge, Facebook AI Blog
Searching for Two-Stream Models in Multivariate Space for Video Recognition.
Xinyu Gong, Heng Wang, Zheng Shou, Matt Feiszli, Zhangyang Wang, Zhicheng Yan. ICCV, 2021.
Interactive Prototype Learning for Egocentric Action Recognition.
Xiaohan Wang, Linchao Zhu, Heng Wang, Yi Yang. ICCV, 2021.
Is Space-Time Attention All You Need for Video Understanding?
Gedas Bertasius, Heng Wang, Lorenzo Torresani. ICML, 2021.
Paper, Code, Facebook AI Blog
Beyond Short Clips: End-to-End Video-Level Learning with Collaborative Memories.
Xitong Yang, Haoqi Fan, Lorenzo Torresani, Larry Davis, Heng Wang. CVPR, 2021.
Paper, Poster, Slides
Proposal-based Video Completion.
Yuan-Ting Hu, Heng Wang, Nicolas Ballas, Kristen Grauman, Alexander G. Schwing. ECCV, 2020.
Paper, Supplementary Material
Video Modeling with Correlation Networks.
Heng Wang, Du Tran, Lorenzo Torresani, Matt Feiszli. CVPR, 2020.
FASTER Recurrent Networks for Efficient Video Classification.
Linchao Zhu, Laura Sevilla-Lara, Du Tran, Matt Feiszli, Yi Yang, Heng Wang. AAAI, 2020.
Video Classification with Channel-Separated Convolutional Networks.
Du Tran, Heng Wang, Lorenzo Torresani, Matt Feiszli. ICCV, 2019.
Paper, Code
Large-scale Weakly-Supervised Pre-training for Video Action Recognition.
Deepti Ghadiyaram, Matt Feiszli, Du Tran, Xueting Yan, Heng Wang, Dhruv Mahajan. CVPR, 2019.
Paper, Code
Scenes-Objects-Actions: A Multi-Task, Multi-Label Video Dataset.
Jamie Ray, Heng Wang, Du Tran, Yufei Wang, Matt Feiszli, Lorenzo Torresani, Manohar Palurin. ECCV, 2018.
A Closer Look at Spatiotemporal Convolutions for Action Recognition.
Du Tran, Heng Wang, Lorenzo Torresani, Jamie Ray, Yann LeCun, Manohar Paluri. CVPR, 2018.
Paper, Code
A Robust and Efficient Video Representation for Action Recognition.
Heng Wang, Dan Oneata, Jakob Verbeek, Cordelia Schmid. IJCV, 2016.
Action Recognition with Improved Trajectories.
Heng Wang, Cordelia Schmid. ICCV, 2013.
Paper, Code, Project page
Dense Trajectories and Motion Boundary Descriptors for Action Recognition.
Heng Wang, Alexander Klaser, Cordelia Schmid, Cheng-Lin Liu. IJCV, 2013.
Action Recognition by Dense Trajectories.
Heng Wang, Alexander Klaser, Cordelia Schmid, Cheng-Lin Liu. CVPR, 2011.
Paper, Code, Project page
Evaluation of Local Spatio-temporal Features for Action Recognition.
Heng Wang, Muhammad Muneeb Ullah, Alexander Klaser, Ivan Laptev, Cordelia Schmid. BMVC, 2009.